Bass Tournament Postponed until 2021

Due to restrictions on events and ongoing social distancing policies, regretfully we have to cancel our 5th annual Bass Tournament. We will miss all of you fellow anglers we got to know over the years. We'll be back next year. Stay safe, wear a mask and remember to wash your hands. -Care For A Cure Team

'I'm A Surgeon Who Had Breast Cancer—This is What You Should Know About Treatment'

As a breast cancer and reconstruction surgeon, I work with patients facing breast cancer diagnoses every day. But when I received my own breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 at the age of 37, I was completely and utterly shocked. Nothing can prepare you for battling the disease firsthand. I discovered a lump in my right breast during a routine self-exam. Initially I thought it was something benign like a cyst, since I had no family history of breast cancer. But when it hadn't gone away after a couple weeks, I had a biopsy of the mass. I was speechless when the pathologist called and told me that it was invasive cancer. ARTICLE

Alzheimer’s disease may start in the gut and spread to the brain

Alzheimer’s disease may be caused by the abnormal build-up of a protein in the gut that gradually spreads to the brain, according to research in mice. In people with Alzheimer’s disease, a protein called beta-amyloid clumps together in the brain to form plaques that disrupt normal brain processes. Beta-amyloid deposits have also been found in the guts of people who died with the condition, but they have been largely overlooked. ARTICLE

Preventing breast cancer metastasis by reactivating natural killer immune cells

One key component of the immune system that prevents breast cancer cells from forming distant metastases is a group of cells called natural killer cells. How breast tumor cells evade this surveillance system is not fully understood. Now, scientists at Johns Hopkins University have discovered breast cancer cells can alter the function of natural killer (NK) cells in a way that promotes metastasis. ARTICLE

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