Shannen Doherty Opens Up About Her Breast Cancer Battle

Actress Shannen Doherty opened up about her battle with Breast Cancer in a segment of "Chelsea" hosted by late night host Chelsea Handler. An article by Lesley Messer for reports on the story... “I think what’s beautiful and hard and interesting about cancer is that it tears you down and builds you, and tears you down and builds you and it remakes you so many different times," she said. "So the person I thought I was supposed to be or was going to be or who I thought I was six months ago is now somebody completely different. And I realize ‘Wow, I really thought that I was so brave and so gracious this entire time and really I was just hiding.'" ...Doherty underwent a mastectomy,

New Strategy to Prevent Alzheimer's disease

Scientists are looking into treatments for Alzheimer's in the early stages of the disease, verses traditional approaches of treating advanced stages as reported in Science Daily article. "Taking a pill that prevents the accumulation of toxic molecules in the brain might someday help prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease, according to scientists at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The study, published in Cell Press journal Neuron, took a three-pronged approach to help subdue early events that occur in the brain long before symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are evident. The scientists were able to prevent those early events and

Hadassah Continues Leading-Edge Research in Breast Cancer Detection

For twenty years, Hadassah Medical Center of Oncology in Israel has been at the forefront of identifying and developing treatments for Breast Cancer. "As Hadassah continues its important research work in finding a cure, the organization celebrates 20 years since its researchers discovered that the risk of carrying the BRCA1 gene mutation – which is tied to increased cancer risk – is 1 in 40 for Ashkenazi women, compared to 1 in 100 for the rest of the population. Following this discovery, Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) developed a simpler blood test to detect the presence of these genes, the organization reported. Hadassah’s findings have had a major impact on breast cancer management.

Can this new drug slow the progression of Alzheimer's?

A new article published by MSNBC details a new Azheimer's drug, currently in testing, called Aducanumab. The drug has received positive results in phase 1 of trials, and is now slated to move onto the next phase of testing. "Alzheimer's researchers have almost gotten used to having their hopes dashed when a promising drug fails to live up to its potential in clinical trials. But now a new therapy is injecting fresh optimism into the field, and the results are prompting scientists to say it's the best news they've seen for treating this deadly disease in 25 years. The drug, developed and tested by biotech firm Biogen, is called aducanumab. In its clinical trial, the drug helped to erase beta

What Women Need To Know About Mammograms And Breast Cancer Overdiagnosis

A new article published int eh Huffington Post discusses new research suggesting better treatment and not earlier detection with mammography may be the reason why death rates from Breast Cnacer have been on the decline. "Better treatment and not earlier detection with screening mammography may be the reason rates of death from breast cancer have declined in recent years, according to controversial results from a large U.S. database study. In addition, the research team reports in The New England Journal of Medicine, “women were more likely to have breast cancer that was overdiagnosed than to have earlier detection of a tumor that was destined to become large.” “This new article will not chan

Could Gene Therapy Work for Alzheimer’s Disease?

" Researchers at the Imperial College London have just released data from animal studies in which they were able to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by using a virus to deliver a specific gene into the brain. The results from this study could open avenues toward potential new treatments for the disease. "Although these findings are very early, they suggest this gene therapy may have potential therapeutic use for patients,” explained senior study investigator Magdalena Sastre, Ph.D., senior lecturer in the department of medicine at the Imperial College London. “There are many hurdles to overcome, and at the moment the only way to deliver the gene is via an injection directl

Breast Cancer Treatment Costs Vary Wildly, Study Finds

A new study has found significant variations in the costs of Breast Cancer drugs and treatments, according to Dr. Sharon Giordano, as reported by NBC News. "The variation adds up to $1 billion a year that insurance companies, patients and government health plans are needlessly paying to treat breast cancer, Giordano and colleagues at the MD Anderson Cancer Center report on Monday in the journal Cancer. Patients often get stuck with thousands of dollars in bills that can take years to pay off. The team went through insurance claims filed by more than 14,000 breast cancer patients between 2008 and 2012 and found expenses across a single class of drugs varied by as much as $46,000... Expenditur

Alzheimer's Disease, A Humanitarian Crisis

A new article published by Forbes discusses how Alzheimer's disease should be treated as a humanitarian crisis and proposes innovative new strategies for managing care. "My fellow Alzheimer’s doctors might take better care of our patients and their families if we saw Alzheimer’s disease as a cause of homelessness. With this perspective, that my patient in his kitchen is in fact homeless, I’m able to reframe the problem. I’ve come to see Alzheimer’s disease as a humanitarian crisis and my patients in need of humanitarian aid. They’re asking for a place to live, and we need to provide it. Framing Alzheimer’s as a humanitarian crisis ties together the many diverse but interconnected sufferings:

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