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The Hidden Costs Of Alzheimer's Disease

Currently an estimated 5.7 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and 47 million people worldwide suffer from it. By 2050 these estimates are projected to triple and the direct cost to American society may exceed a trillion dollars—a price we will all pay in one way or another. Although the disease does not discriminate, it disproportionately impacts women. Women are twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s and more than twice as likely to care for someone with the disease.

At the time of Rick’s diagnosis, Sandy had just retired from a long and rewarding career as a nurse. She was looking forward to relaxed days playing golf, spending time with grandchildren, and traveling to places she and Rick had never seen. At 62, Sandy thought her caregiving days were behind her. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, she joined the ranks of the roughly 16 million family members in the U.S. caring for someone with dementia.

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