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A Leading Oncology Association Says Some Complementary Therapies Helpful to Women With Breast Cancer

he American Society of Clinical Oncology, the world’s leading group of cancer doctors, has released guidelines on the use of integrative health therapies to help manage the symptoms and side effects of breast cancer treatment.

The report, published June 11 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, acknowledges the growing popularity and usefulness of yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other integrative health modalities to address aspects of healing that conventional medicine may overlook.

The ASCO guidelines are based on a report published by the Society of Integrative Oncology in 2017 that analyzed randomized, peer-reviewed, clinical trials, conducted from 1990 to 2013, on various integrative therapies for breast cancer patients.

To read the full article, click HERE

(Jon Feingersh/Getty Images)

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