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Alzheimer's in Latinos expected to increase by more than 800%

In Illinois, 220,000 people are living with Alzheimer’s disease, which gradually, irreversibly degrades cognitive functions, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. By 2025, an estimated 40,000 others are expected to develop the condition, a more than 18 percent increase in this state alone.

And though diagnoses of Alzheimer’s are expected to increase as the senior population continues to grow nationally, Latinos like Salvador Campos are 50 percent more likely to develop the disease than their white counterparts, researchers from the University of Southern California say. Between 2012 and 2060, the number of Latinos in the United States living with Alzheimer’s disease is projected to increase 832 percent — from 379,000 to more than 3.5 million, this research indicates.

To read the full article, click HERE

(Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune)

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