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Screening Mammography Lowers Breast Cancer Patients' Needs For Aggressive Treatment, Study Finds

“This study shows that women who don’t get screened have later-stage disease and require more aggressive treatment,” Port told me in a phone interview this week.

Overall, the researchers found that women with breast cancer who hadn’t been screened in the 2 years before their diagnosis had larger tumors and more lymph node involvement. After diagnosis, breast cancer patients who didn’t get screened were more likely to undergo mastectomy, to have dissection of lymph nodes in the armpit during surgery, and to receive chemotherapy.

“Controversy persists,” Port said at a press meeting in Orlando. “In 2018, mammography is underutilized,” she said. “The guidelines keep changing for women ages 40 to 49. And they vary. So, what’s a woman to do? What’s a clinician to do?”

To read the full article, click HERE

(photo credit: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images)

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