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Can exercise help fight Alzheimer's disease?

Some people with a family history of Alzheimer’s are trying to prevent it, and not by popping pills.

Alzheimer’s disease already impacts more than 5 million Americans. Some of them inherited the disease from a parent or other relative.

Now, the question is, can it be prevented? And what is the key?

She wants to keep her heart and fitness in top notch shape, but Carol Hall thinks working out may also strengthen her defenses against Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s already hit her mother and her grandmother, and that family connection puts her at greater risk.

She’s part of a national study to see if aerobic exercise, blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering drugs can prevent, or at least slow down, the disease.

“And I thought, 'Well, if there was something that I knew that I would perhaps come down with the disease, I wanted to know what I could do to stall it,'” Hall said.

We already know exercise improves our brain function. And now, researchers in Dallas want to see if Carol is right.

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Written by Maureen McFadden for

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