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New technology in Utah freezes, kills early stage breast cancer tumors

OGDEN — After losing a daughter and two younger sisters to cancer, Adele Adams decided the diagnosis was something she never wanted to face.

Unfortunately, in December, doctors told the 92-year-old she had a cancerous tumor in her breast.

"At my age, you don't want an operation," Adams said, adding that she considered letting it take her life, if that were to happen. "I just want to finish my garden and take care of my house."

Doctors gave her a couple options, including a surgical lumpectomy — the typical treatment for tumors throughout the body that is often followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation, or they said she could take medications to decrease the size of the tumor because it did not appear to be aggressive.

"She did not want the surgery," said Adams' son, Bob Adams. "She was against that from the beginning."

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written by Wendy Leonard for

(Photo cred: Nicole Boliaux, Deseret News)

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