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This NYFW Show Put Women Affected By Breast Cancer On the Runway

A fashion show that took place Sunday at New York Fashion Week is getting tons of attention—not just for the clothes it displayed, but for the models themselves. The AnaOno X #Cancerland fashion show featured 16 women modeling lingerie—all of whom are either currently battling or have battled breast cancer.

The show featured underwear from AnaOno Intimates, a lingerie company that makes products with breast cancer patients in mind. Designer Dana Donofree started AnaOno in 2015 after battling breast cancer and having both of her breasts removed. She eventually underwent reconstructive surgery, but realized traditional bras were hard for her to wear.

Article by Korin Miller for WomensHealth via

To read the full article, click HERE.

Photograph courtesy of Arun Nevader/Getty Images/Women's Health

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