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Texas Researchers Are At The Forefront of the Breast Cancer Fight

Texas, a state with 69 National Cancer Institute Cancer centers, is leading the development of breast cancer research as reported in a new article from the Dallas News by Sabriya Rice. Since 2007 the centers have received over $75 million for cancer research from the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas.

"While a lot of headway has been made in fighting certain types of breast cancer, triple-negative is an aggressive form of the disease that does not respond to many targeted therapies.

That’s made the condition a focal point for cancer researchers, including for Dr. Jennifer Litton, associate professor of breast medical oncology at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

The center has been taking a different approach to treating women with triple-negative. Women who have the disease are biopsied so that genetic and protein material can be evaluated before and after they begin chemotherapy. Patients who respond well to chemo continue being treated according to the standard of care. Others are triaged into clinical trials based on specific genetic information learned in the biopsy."

To read the full article, click HERE

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