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8 Breast Cancer Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Your "I got this" confidence may not survive the spin cycle of reminders, warnings, and true patient stories. What women often don't hear is that the number of lives claimed by this disease has dropped since 1989. (Heart disease, on the other hand, remains women's number one threat.) Yet breast cancer wins the worry war — it's women's most feared health problem, and fear often leads to paralysis instead of self-care.

But as science gets better at understanding how different cancers behave, some researchers think that certain troublesome cells in the breast may never turn into invasive cancer. The abnormal cells that make up stage 0 ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) may idle in the milk ducts of some women and never become anything harmful, they say.

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Written by Lambeth Hochwald for

(Photo credit Travis Rathbone)

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