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Why We Must Attack Alzheimer's Disease on a Range of Research Fronts

Alzheimer’s is a frustratingly complex disease of mixed origins that expresses itself in different ways. At least 70 percent of its variation remains unexplained. In an age when so much about Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown, a depth and range of funded topics is a necessity. Numerous routes of discovery must be explored.

Scientists recognize that it’s unlikely one magic drug will prevent, postpone, or cure Alzheimer’s. Instead, a combination approach, or “cocktail” of different drugs may be necessary to modify or slow the progression of this complicated disease. That makes it all the more important that scientists explore various pathways and stages of the disease to find feasible drug targets.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research (ADR), a program of the BrightFocus Foundation, is currently funding nearly 100 research projects worldwide, an investment totaling more than $22 million.

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Written by by Diane Bovenkamp, Ph.D. BrightFocus Vice President, Scientific Affairs published by


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